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turn Off VPN on iphone

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has been becoming an increasingly popular service needed by almost everyone. Geo-restrictions compel people to install a VPN application to enjoy the restricted applications. The same VPN applications can be a great way to ensure that your browsing remains hidden from your mobile data provider. However, the biggest problem people encounter while using VPN is that sometimes turning off the VPN is crucial in order to get access to other features and applications in your area.

We have come across many people who struggle to efficiently turn off the VPN on their iPhones. This is why we have compiled a list of multiple ways to turn off the VPN on your iPhone. This guide will walk you through those ways.

Ways To Turn Off VPN On iPhone

You are suggested to follow now of the two instructions to turn of the VPN on iPhone. They will help you disable the VPN on your phone so that you can have it back in its previous state.

These instructions are crucial for you to learn so that you can use other applications in your area. Location-based applications, such as food delivery, can be sidetracked if your VPN is turned on for an extended amount of time without use. So let’s look at the different ways on how to turn off the VPN on your iPhone.

Steps to Turn Off VPN on iPhone

1. From The iPhone Settings

The best thing about an iPhone is that they think of everything. They know how to make their users’ lives easier, and they don’t fail to implement it in their newest software. When you install a VPN application on your iPhone, it automatically gets configured in the iPhone VPN setting. When in the setting, you will find a slider underneath “Personal Hotspot” labeled VPN. That slider allows you to enable and disable VPN automatically from your setting without heading over to the app itself.

You may need to take note that disabling the VPN through setting generally happens instantly, but turning it on may take some time. So make sure that your VPN connection has been established before you start browsing. This will ensure that the connectivity process isn’t interrupted, as that can risk your online protection.

There is another way to disconnect your VPN from the settings app. When you click on “General” in the settings and press on a tab that says VPN, you can see a slider labeled “Status”. This slider allows you to enable and disable VPN the same way as before. You can easily set it on the off position, which is when the white circle on the slider is on the left.

Additionally, in the general VPN settings, you can see a list of different profiles. This happens when you have multiple VPN profiles or applications on your iPhone. You can select which one of them you want as a default, and from there, to activate that VPN, you just have to click on the slider to turn it off.

Steps to Follow
  1. Open your iPhone Settings and search "VPN"
  2. You'll find the VPN connection and a toggle switch next to it. Just toggle the switch to "off" positon and that's it, your VPN will be turned off on your iPhone.

If you want to change your default VPN, you will have to go to the VPN application or change it temporarily.

You can use either of those ways to efficiently disable VPN from your apple device. Once you have done that, you would have to manually turn it on the same way. The slider will go right and turn green, telling you that your browsing is safe now.

2. From Within an installed VPN App on iPhone

The final and the second way to turn off VPN on your iPhone is to do it from within the VPN application. You can opt for this method if you are having trouble turning it off from the settings app.

It is important to note that each VPN application will look different from one another, which means the setting and interference may also be different. Plus, not every VPN application includes a main button upfront to enable and disable the VPN connection. However, that does not mean turning it off from the app is actually highly difficult. There are some simple steps involved in the process that ensures you have an efficient disconnection from VPN.

First, you need to open the VPN App and locate the primary button that is used to turn the VPN on and off. The button will likely be on the home page of the application. If not, you will need to discover where it is placed. It should be easy to locate and access, as it is a key feature of VPN applications. Then just simply tap the button to successfully disconnect from the VPN. If you receive confirmation before disabling, make sure you confirm that you are consenting to the disabled VPN connection. Once your VPN is turned off, you can turn it on when you have to use it manually with the help of the same button.

An important step to take is that locate the app’s settings in order to configure and update the setting of the VPN. This step is important, even if there is nothing to update, as it allows you to have the fastest and latest VPN upgrade.

Why Do You Need VPN?

There were several reasons for the introduction of VPN in the market. The acronym VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, which hides your identity on the Internet. This means anything you browse or look up won’t show up on your Internet history.

Initially, its main function was the same as mentioned before, hiding user identity over the public Internet and concealing the Internet history. People are now using it to enjoy location-based applications that are restricted in their region. So technically, it is much more than just an identity hiding tool. It can be used to enjoy games and such that are not available in your area.

Following are some of the most significant reasons for which the VPN is used widely.

Location-Based Games

Apart from entertainment apps, there are a lot of location-based games that require the user to be at a particular place in order to play the game. These games identify where you reside and prevent you from playing if the area is a part of the restricted region.

Fortunately, VPN applications are available worldwide that allow you to play your favorite game in an area where it is not working or banned. You can easily install the application on your gaming device and turn it on while playing the game.

Hide Internet Activity

The “hidden identity” feature of VPN has been among us for many years now. People still use it to remain anonymous over the Internet in order to keep other people from tracking their Internet activity. This allows you to do your work and conduct Internet searches without being recognized.

When we go into the mechanics of this process, we find that VPN keeps your ISP from getting access to your Internet history, hence you remain unrecognized.

Use Public WiFi Without Risks

We always notice that our phones give us a warning before connecting to a free WiFi network. We willfully ignore those warning messages very often when we should not. There are multiple risks attached to the use of public WiFi, as you can lose important information on it. Along with that, hackers mostly surf the same public Wifi in search of prey. They easily get access to your credentials and private data over the public Internet, which, in extreme cases, allows them to steal your fund.

Fortunately, VPN is there to save the day. You can put all your worries to rest when using public WiFi if you have a strong VPN connection. It is the most effective way to avoid hacking risks. Because it encrypts every bit of data on your phone and keeps your identity safe.

Furthermore, we suggest you keep it connected even when you are using your home WiFi. Even though home WiFi is much safer than public WiFi, you can maintain your anonymity for security purposes by following the same protocol.

These are just some ways a VPN application can be used. We at Free VPN Tutorials always recommend users to use VPN so that they can enjoy all their favorite apps and games without worrying about any risks.

Free VPN Tutorials’ Tips

We are mentioning some key tips below that will show you how to deal with VPN on your iPhone.

If you have two or more VPN applications on your iPhone, you would have to select one as default. This will automatically connect your iPhone with VPN, allowing you easy access.

Every VPN has different features and interfaces. So you need to deal with them accordingly. The main thing you need to locate is the on and off button. Default VPN is typically automatically set up on your iPhone upon installation. Although if that is not the case, you will need to toggle the VPN status in the settings menu. When you turn on the VPN, it will be connected instantly in most cases, but still, you should make sure that you have successfully established a secure VPN connection before browsing. This step only requires a couple of extra seconds.

You can find multiple VPN Apps for iPhone on App Store. Some of them are FastestVPN, Surfshark and PureVPN. Stay updated with all the VPN tutorials and deals you may need on Free VPN Tutorials. We provide you with expert knowledge about VPNs and how to use them on different devices.


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