Proxy vs VPN. Difference Between a Proxy and VPN

proxy vs VPN

Are you wondering whether you should sign up for a VPN or a proxy service? If you want to make a smart choice, here, we have performed a comparison. We've discussed the differences, similarities, and features of Proxy vs VPN. It will, as a result, give you a better understanding of them. Afterward, you could easily make the correct choice as per your requirements.

VPN and proxy both have some similarities but some major differences as well. Below, we have discussed some of the key differences and similarities.

Proxy vs VPN: Encryption

Both the VPN and proxy servers will mask and hide your IP. That means your actual IP, location, and identity will be hidden.

Proxy doesn’t encrypt the traffic between your computer and the proxy server or between the proxy and the website you visit. It means that although your IP will be masked, the data you transmit online will be unencrypted. Thus, the owner of the proxy server or a skillful hacker can access your information, data, and sensitive information.

On the other hand, VPN will not only mask the IP but encrypt all the data you transmit online. Thus, it makes your connection secure and private. That would prevent hackers, internet service providers, the government, your employer, or any third parties to access your identity, data, and your online activities. You can visit your banking website easily. You can perform torrenting anonymously. Moreover, you can use public Wifi networks with peace of mind.

Proxy vs VPN: Speed

As a VPN server provides higher encryption, i.e. security, it could have a direct impact on the speed. Usually, higher security tends to a lower speed. However, the speed of a VPN or a proxy server also depends on multiple other factors. For example, the traffic load on the proxy or the VPN server, geographical distance between the user and the location of the proxy/ VPN server, the device on which the user is connected to the proxy/ VPN server, etc.

Proxy server offers a limited level of security which does not affect the speed to a higher extent. However, please take into account that if you are using a free proxy, it could be much slower than a paid VPN service due to a large number of users’ load on the proxy server.

Proxy vs VPN: Price

You can find multiple free proxy services online as well as free VPN services are also there. However, free ones have their own limitations. They are in terms of features, performance, support, and the number of servers available, etc. Your data can also be compromised or sold by a free service.

If you do not want your online security and privacy to be compromised, then a paid VPN service is the best option to go for. VPN services are somewhat expansive than proxy services. This is because of the reason that VPN providers have to spend more on their infrastructure and maintenance of the servers located around the world.

When to Choose a Proxy and When to Choose a VPN?

  • If you only want to hide your IP and when online security, privacy, and data protection are not a major concern, you can go for proxy service.
  • Similarly, if you need to access a geo-restricted website and do not care much about online security, privacy, and data protection then you can go for a proxy service. You can also choose a free VPN service in that case. However, you need to make sure that the service which you are going to get is capable to do that job.
  • If spending money is a problem, then you can easily find online free proxy services.
  • If you want complete online security, privacy, anonymity, data protection, then only a paid VPN service is the best choice.
  • To get complete online protection while using public Wi-Fi, a paid VPN service is the correct choice

Final Words

When you compare Proxy vs VPN, you come to a conclusion that both have a similarity as they mask your IP. However, the major difference is the higher level of security that a VPN server has to offer. If you don’t want to compromise your online security, data protection, and privacy then you should surely choose one of the best VPN services.

There are some popular providers that offer not only the VPN but proxy service as well. NordVPN is an example in this case. NordVPN is primarily one of the best VPN services but it comes up with a range of other features and addons. Proxy service is one of them. You can sign up for NordVPN, the best VPN for speed and security, and choose between their VPN or proxy service as per your requirement. Visit all our informative articles < a href="">here and VPN setup tutorials here


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