Set up Cisco AnyConnect Compatible OpenConnect VPN on Linux Mint

This tutorial explains how to set up a Cisco AnyConnect compatible OpenConnect VPN on Linux Mint. Follow step-by-step to set up an OpenConnect Mint Linux VPN.

  • We used the FastestVPN for this tutorial. While you can use any VPN service which offers the OpenConnect or Ocserv or SSL protocol.

Set up OpenConnect VPN on Linux Mint

Note: To set up the Cisco AnyConnect compatible OpenConnect VPN, you need to make sure that your VPN service provider offers the "OpenConnect" or "Ocserv" VPN protocol. FastestVPN is one such VPN service.

1: Install Cisco AnyConnect compatible OpenConnect plugin for Mint Linux. For this, open terminal and then enter this command:
sudo apt-get install openconnect network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome

2: After that, open your network settings and click on the "+" sign.

mint linux vpn

3: Select "OpenConnect".

cisco anyconnect linux mint

4: Enter any name for your VPN connection such as "Openconnect" or whatever you like. Then enter the VPN server address as provided by your VPN service provider.
Click on "Add".

cisco anyconnect linux

5: Now your Ocserv VPN profile on Linux Mint has been created. Turn on its switch.

mint linux ocserv

6: If it shows a certificate confirmation message, then click "OK" or "I really know what I am doing", and click "Connect anyway".

vpn for linux mint

7: Now enter your VPN username as provided by your VPN service provider and click "Login".

linux mint openconnect

8: Then enter your VPN password, check mark "Save passwords" and click "Login".

openconnect linux

9: Wait for a few seconds and then your Cisco AnyConnect compatible OpenConnect VPN on Linux Mint will be connected. Later, you can connect and disconnect the VPN on Mint Linux from your network menu.

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The OpenConnect VPN or ocserv is an open-source Linux SSL VPN. It is basically designed so that organizations can make remote access VPN connections.

By following the steps given above, you can set up a Cisco AnyConnect compatible OpenConnect VPN on Mint Linux, which is also known as Ocserv or SSL VPN. Besides, if you're looking for additional support for setting up Linux Mint OpenConnect, or any other Mint VPN client, please Contact us for your questions, queries, feedback, or suggestions.

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