Set up IKEv2 VPN on Windows 7

This tutorial explains how to set up a Windows 7 VPN using the IKEv2 protocol. Follow step-by-step to set up and download an IKEv2 VPN for Windows 7.

  • We used the FastestVPN for this tutorial. While you can use any VPN service which offers the IKEv2 protocol.

1: Click on your Windows Network icon and then click "Open Network and Sharing Center".

2: Now click "Setup a new connection or network"

IKEv2 Windows

3: Select "Connect to a workplace" and click "Next"

IKEv2 protocol on Windows 7

4: Select "Use my internet connection (VPN)"

IKEv2 Windows

5: In the "Internet address" box, enter the IKEv2 VPN server address provided by your VPN service provider. Then in the "Destination name", enter any name for your VPN such as "IKEv2 VPN". Check mark "Don't connect now" and click "Next"

ikev2 client windows

6: Enter the username and then password provided by your VPN service provider. Check mark 'Remember this password" and click "Create"

best VPN on windows 7

7: Click "Close"

IKEv2 server

8: Now in the Network and sharing center, click "Change adapter settings"

9: Right click on your recently created IKEv2 VPN on Windows and open its Properties


10: After that, select the "Security" tab, and then select IKEv2. Under the "Use Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)" option, select "Microsoft: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)" and click "OK".

VPN windows 7

11: Double click on your IKEv2 VPN.

ikev2 vpn

12: Check mark "Save this username and password" and then click "Connect".

windows 7 VPN ikev2

Your IKEv2 VPN for Windows will be connected shortly. Later you can use the same option to connect and disconnect VPN on Windows.

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Following the steps given above, you can set up an IKEv2 VPN for Windows 7. If you're looking for additional support or have any questions related to downloading the VPN on Windows 7, Windows 8 10 or 11, please Contact us here for your questions, queries, feedback, or suggestions.

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