How to Set up NordVPN On IPTV Smarters Player

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to set up the NordVPN on IPTV Smarters Player Application. IPTV Smarters is a popular streaming player used to stream Live TV, movies, series, Video on Demand (VOD), etc. It is compatible with Android devices, Fire TV stick, Samsung and LG TVs, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Set up NordVPN on IPTV Smarters Player

If you are looking for the download link of the Smarters Player, visit the guide here.

If you do not have a NordVPN account, then Sign up for the NordVPN

Here is the step-by-step guide to set up the NordVPN on IPTV Smarters Player. You will learn how to set up OpenVPN on Smarters Player Lite or Pro application.

1: First, you need to get NordVPN's OpenVPN server configuration files, also known as ".ovpn" files. These files are provided by NordVPN here. Download one or more server files as per your choice.

2: Now move these files to the internal storage of your Fire TV Stick, Android phone, Android TV, Smart TV, or whatever device you are setting up the VPN on.

Note: You must move the config files (.ovpn files) to the internal storage of the device on which you want to connect the IPTV Smarters VPN. It may not work if you run them from a flash drive or SD card.

3: Open the IPTV Smarters App. Then depending on the device in question, you need to find the "VPN" option in the App. You may find it in the IPTV Smarters App settings. Or on an Android device, you may find it in "Login With XTREAM Codes API > Connect VPN".

NordVPN on IPTV Smarters Player

VPN IPTV Smarters

4: Now click on "Add certificate".

NordVpn Smarters Player

5: Select "File" and then select "Browse".

OpenVPN on Smarters Player

6: Now navigate to the location on your device where you saved the earlier downloaded NordVPN .ovpn files and select your desired server file.


7: The .ovpn VPN server file has been imported to the IPTV Smarters Player. Tap on its name.

NordVPN Smert TV

8: Now enter the NordVPN username and then password. Then click "Save & Connect". Please note that you need to use the NordVPN credentials for the manual connection which you'll find in your Nord account dashboard.

NordVPN on Smart TV

9: Wait for a few seconds until your VPN for IPTV Smarters pro Player gets established. Later, use the round button to disconnect the VPN on IPTV Smarters when needed.

Nord IPTV Player Smarters

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