Set up VPN on Apple TV Using the Smart DNS

For the Apple TV VPN setup, there are multiple methods and one of them is the "Smart DNS". This method allows the users to get some of the features of the VPN on devices where a built-in VPN client is not available and Apple TV is one of them. For instance, users can access the geo-restricted sites in their region using the Smart DNS on their Apple TV.

This guide will show how to add a Smart DNS to your Apple TV.

Get the Smart DNS Addresses

First, you need a service that offers the Smart DNS. If you already have a VPN account, you can check with your provider if they offer a Smart DNS and then you need to get the Smart DNS addresses from them.

One of such providers is the Surfshark VPN. For example, if you have an account with Surfshark, you need to log in to its website client area, click on "Smart DNS" and copy the mentioned addresses.

Set up the Smart DNS on Apple TV

  • Open Apple TV Settings and click "Network"
  • Click on your active internet connection type, Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Click on your particular internet connection name
  • Select "Configure DNS"
  • Click on "Manual"
  • Now enter the Smart DNS addresses here
  • If you received two DNS addresses from your service provider, enter any one of them
  • Click on "Done"

Apply the Smart DNS Settings

  • To apply these settings, go to your Apple TV Settings and select "System"
  • Click "Restart"

As Apple TV doesn't come up with a built-in VPN client, therefore, in order to use the VPN on Apple TV, Smart DNS is a useful method. Other than this method, you can set up the VPN on Apple TV using two more methods.

  • Virtual Router Method/ VPN Sharing Method: Click Here
  • Set up the VPN on a VPN supported Wifi router: Click Here

To setup the VPN on Apple TV, some suggested VPN services are Surfshark VPN and NordVPN. If you have any questions related to the Apple TV VPN setup, you may Contact us for your queries, feedback or suggestions.

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