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If you are on the hunt for VPN services that are great and easy on the pocket at the same time,  ervices are a great option. The wide array of features and efficient functionality makes it one of the best options. Here we've performed a detailed Surfshark VPN review.

When we look at the number of servers of Surfshark that are currently functional in 65 countries, we know that Surfshark is worth a try. Additionally, if we have a look at its industry-standard encryption along with single plan simultaneous connectivity and protocol choices, it seems like the perfect choice for the satisfaction of customers.
The question, however, arises that is it as good in practice as well? We will answer this question in this detailed review featuring the key attributes of this network. The reasons for its popularity among expert VPN users will be outlined today. After reading this review, you’ll get an idea about how Surfshark maintains such a low price and whether you’ll be compromising on some features due to this price. Plans Available At Surfshark:

It is noticed in most VPN services that shorter plans are a bit pricey compared to long-term plans. We recommend signing for a Surfshark VPN subscription with a two-year plan for the best prices. They make regular offers of different deals, which will further deduct the total monthly amount. Just as extra information, the Black Friday deals on Surfshark will further cause a major drop in the prices. Before renewing your package, check the small print, as the prices may increase after your initial term.

Features Of Surfshark:

The basic features including AES-256 encryption and triple-digit figure servers are all present in Surfshark. But in addition to these, routing through multiple servers at a time is also possible through MultiHop. You can use torrent or separate your connections as well as utilize kill switch on Mac or PC with the help of the split tunneling feature. The kill switch failed a few times when the system went through rigorous testing however, the testing was done under unlikely domestic situations so the network can’t be considered incompetent.
These are just some basics, and Surfshark steps a lot further than that. Wide P2P support, blocking of ads and URL, GPS spoofing, etc. In addition to the alert for leaks through a password, tech is available. You can also select the “invisible to devices” mode to hide your device’s presence from other devices.
Good speed with Wireguard utility offers a smooth online experience. While Surfshark may not be leading in speed, it can not be considered a slump either. Specifically, with WireGuard, this problem can be curbed. In short, efficient streaming speeds with the ability to access multiple popular streaming channels.

Customer Support:

The published policies of Surfshark are quite impressive. Surfshark recently conducted a server audit, which has proved to be a huge improvement.
Live chats and helpful articles on their website make up for good customer service and have proved to be helpful in most cases. To be precise, Surfshark VPN is one of the most powerful VPNs and the price tag is what makes it a good catch for most people.

Latest Updates On Surfshark:

The iOS and Android apps of Surfshark have been updated in recent days, and it has been equipped with some new additions like widget support and full compatibility with the updated M1 chip for Mac applications. The latter will help provide seamless performance no matter the type of device.
Split tunnel support has been added to the browser of Surfshark. To revamp the lack of full support of the network, Surfshark went the extra mile to attach security audits of servers. These updates are appreciable and further improve our opinion of the Surshark service.


What is the price of Surfshark and does it offer free trials?

The regular monthly plan of Surfshark prices around $12.95. Though, the six-month subscription altogether drops the price to $6.49 on a monthly basis. However, with a 2-year plan, the prices take a huge turn and end up at $2.49 only. Additionally, if you opt for the two-year plan, the Surfshark VPN deal offers an extra three months, which causes more reduction and drops the price to up to $2.21 a month.

There is something to be aware of, though. The renewal costs of Surfshark VPN are unexpectedly higher. You will be paying a $4.98 monthly fee upon renewal, which is still not an expensive deal and is cheaper than most other VPN services.

An updated version of Surshark has been introduced recently by the name of Surfshark One. This version offers Avira-powered antivirus, internet search that is private, and data breach monitoring in addition to the standard features of VPN. The bundle is worth trying at $1.99 per month.

A free VPN trial for seven days can be obtained with Surfshark where you can run service tests on Android or iOS devices. The trial is not compatible with Windows and is a bit shorter, but it is better than not having one at all. The 30-day money-back guarantee offer can be availed if you really want to test the service before buying it.

How Secure Is Surfshark?

Creating whitelists of apps, websites and other IP addresses can be created through the Whitelist panel that is a built-in feature of Surfshark. It works similarly to split tunneling, and you can fix any issue generated by a VPN that threatens to disrupt a site or an app. You can choose the sites and apps that you want to be routed through Surfshark by setting up Whitelist. This feature is available on a desktop along with mobile phones devices with Surfshark and works perfectly fine.

CleanWeb Feature

The CleanWeb feature of Surfshark allows you to clean and block any malicious content, web trackers, and ads, etc. However, the performance of this feature did not live up to our expectations. Utilizing a dedicated tool for blocking can help you have better control over what you want to avoid seeing. A uBlock Origin is a good tool for that purpose.

Automatic VPN activation can be attained at the start of Windows and toggling could be done between protocols to match your own security needs. Automatic internet disconnectivity could be achieved through the kill switch of Surfshark. However, we recorded a few issues with this feature. For example, the absence of a middle ground disables the internet completely unless there is an active VPN connection. However, the connection can be severed in cases of loss during a browsing session of a VPN. The standard browsing offered by most VPN providers enables users to browse even if the VPN is not active.

In Surfshark, no prompt informing you of the activated state of the kill switch or force closing of the connection is available. Upon testing the network by performing the simulation failure of Windows on IKEv2 connection, termination of the connection was noticed. The kill switch remained unactivated but the app kept showing the ‘connected’ status. In general use though, the kill switch works effectively and rarely presents with issues.

How Fast Is SurfShark?

The connection speeds in Surfshark are good and it does not present with connection issues. It is a relatively fast connection and when tested on a UK data center of 10Gbps, we encountered some disappointing speeds in OpenVPN. Upon making a switch to WireGuard, there was a huge difference and the speeds shot up to 475Mbps from 100Mbps. Better results were recorded when similar tests were run on a different location in the US.
As a whole, we can say that Surfsharks’s connections are excellent and the speeds will not be impacted drastically on a domestic line.


To sum it up, Surfshark is a good source of capable VPN connections. It is essentially packed with friendly features. The inexpensive nature of the network and reasonably efficient speeds make up a great option.

Long-term VPN deals will help you get good discounts with minimal compromise on speeds and the presence of other minor issues. However, the recent improvements that are introduced in the network have further increased its demand and improved its usability.
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