Benefits of Using a VPN Service

VPN helps you surf the internet while masking your identity. Think of it as going to an online masquerade party. Only that VPN allows you to enter into places where usually you can’t enter because of certain restrictions. So before listing the benefits of using a VPN, let's discuss first that what is a VPN?

What is a VPN

A Virtual Private Network or VPN masks your IP by creating a private network from the public internet connection to which you are connected. That means, your online connection becomes private. Thus, it offers you some serious benefits while you move around in the online world. It masks your identity, encrypts and secures your data and online traffic, and also unblocks geo-restricted services on your PC, smartphone, or smart TV. In fact, it is something that has become necessary considering that there are so many opportunists sitting online to harm you at any opportunity that they get.

Here we shall discuss the benefits of VPN and some of the best VPN services that you can use.

Let’s Begin with The Benefits of a VPN

  1. Mask Your Identity and Private Information

  2. While using a secure VPN service, your identity, data and traffic which you sent/receive from online is completely hidden and secure. This benefits you in multiple ways. Your connection becomes private and anonymous, fully secure and hidden from the outside world. Therefore, you can avoid any third party or hackers accessing your device or information. Nowadays mobile phones have literally become an extension of human arms. People have the urge to stay connected to the grid all the time. Your activity can easily be tracked by someone who has a decent mastery over the networking systems. That can easily put your personal data and privacy at serious risk. Many people lost confidential information such as their credit card numbers or their personal pictures. With the best VPN provider, such problems can be avoided.

    Adding further, when you connect to one of the best VPN services, you can safely connect and use the phone on public Wi-Fi as well. Your banking information and other private data can’t be accessed by anyone and that’s one significant reason why everyone should have a VPN installed on their phones and laptops.

  3. Unblock Geo-restricted Websites, Streaming Services and Other Content

  4. VPNs have made it much easier for users to unblock the restricted content and access sites and services that are blocked in their particular region. Be it a website, a game or another App, a video streaming service, you can unblock all by signing up with one of the best VPN providers.

  5. P2P File Sharing and Torrenting

  6. Finding the best torrent VPN is not easy as not every VPN can do this job. Due to the restrictions, VPN providers block the ports required for P2P sharing. Therefore, if you are an avid torrent user, make sure to use a VPN service and also ensure that if you sign up for a VPN for torrents, it is capable to fulfill this job.

  7. You Are Safe From Your Own Provider

  8. Internet connections that you have at your homes are safer than the public networks yet they pose threats. No, the incognito mode doesn’t hide your internet activity from the service provider. Your internet provider can easily see your browsing history and sensitive information that you don’t want people to know.

    By using one of the best VPN services, you can mask your data from even your own ISP. Moreover, with a VPN, you’ll only give away limited data to apps you use. They won’t even know your actual location and you can enjoy the experience without compromising sensitive information.

  9. It’s Easy

Now that you’ve seen the above-mentioned benefits of VPN, you may be wondering that it’s something tricky. Many people are of the view that you need to know networking technicalities to be able to use a VPN. Since it involves IPs, networks, numbers, etc. 

But that’s not the case one bit. That’s the beauty of it. You get to use a VPN without any technical knowledge. It’s simply the plug-and-play opportunity for you to access the internet while masking your identity. Just have the software or app installed on your phones and PCs. Once that’s done, you gotta log in and select the location that you want to access the internet from. That’s it. That’s literally it! 

What’s next?

Now that we know the benefits and uses of VPN, let’s explore some best VPN choices for all your devices and how you can setup a VPN.


There’ll hardly be a VPN list that doesn’t have NordVPN in it. Leaving aside the lists of the worst VPNs of course. NordVPN offers a lot of options for users for moderate pricing. It is one of the premium VPNs available so far. 

Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can halt the subscription if you are unsatisfied with the performance. Though there’s hardly a chance anyone would do that because browsing with NordVPN is fast and supreme!


If you are looking for something very decent while being on a budget, then Fastest VPN service is the answer. The software doesn’t fall short on the functionality front. There are a lot of options and locations from where the users can access the internet from any of their devices be it a PC, smartphone, smart TV or a router. 

If you are worried about how to setup vpn, then you need not to worry any further. FastestVPN is easy to install and use. Just subscribe and enjoy the seamless VPN experience.


Another great VPN option is PureVPN which offers top-notch functionality and security with servers from around the globe. If you are looking to get your hands on a VPN solely for streaming videos and shows, then PureVPN is one of the safest choices. It’s super easy to install this one and get going.

Final Words

For an average user, the best protection they can get while accessing the internet is by browsing via a VPN. How that the above-mentioned information cleared out the question how to set up a VPN on all your devices. Now it’s time for you to download a VPN and be on the roll. 

There are several great options when it comes to selecting the best VPN among hundreds of services available online. Now that you know your options and the benefits of surfing the internet via a VPN, the choice is yours how you approach this. 


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