VPN Black Friday Deals We Expect To See In 2021


Black Friday is just around the corner, and we are seeing many deals coming in thick and fast. Even though VPN providers aren’t quite as engaged in the shopping festivals of big chain stores, like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and many more, you are still likely to bag some juicy VPN deals that will make your day.

Right now, many providers are offering tons of discounts on their pre-existing deals along with offering completely new deals that are guaranteed to give you great value for money. Plus, we are expecting the prices to drop even further. But in the meantime, we are counting down the best bargains provided by some of the best VPN providers out there. In addition to that, we’ll be answering some of your questions about Black Friday VPN deals and why you should get a VPN deal in the first place.

Check Out FastestVPN

VPN Black Friday deals are much harder to predict compared to some of the most famous retail sales that keep happening all year round. As such, we can’t be sure that every provider will provide the same huge savings.

However, we have noted down some of the most popular providers that will offer massive savings, and FastestVPN is one of them. In our recommendation, they provide the best VPN service out there and put up amazing deals to facilitate the people using it. The recent highly discounted deal is its "Lifetime deal for just $20". You'll also get Free 2 TB cloud storage and a Free password manager after signing up for a subscription. We are highly optimistic that FastestVPN will put out more deals with further decreased prices as we get closer and closer to Black Friday.

Other than that, we also recommend you hold out until the end so that you can get yourself a cheap VPN fix that will keep you satisfied for much longer.

Early VPN Black Friday Deals

Many providers have already sent out multiple deals, each one better than the last. So if you want to see what each provider has to offer and learn more about their services, keep reading and see which deal catches your eye instantly.


You can never go wrong with PureVPN deals this Black Friday. PureVPN is offering a 5-year deal, and you only have to pay $1.20 per month. This is a perfect deal for you if you are looking for an affordable yet effective all-day VPN. It provides zero-logging, is useful for accessing the content of different regions, and can be easily installed on both android phones and iPhones.


Surfshark deals on Black Friday keep offering users better and better value for money. In this Black Friday deal on Surfshark, the VPN provider is giving you three months of free use. After that, you get a VPN for two years for only $2.21 per month. For those of you on a budget, this deal is definitely a steal.


You don’t want to miss out on NordVPN deals this Black Friday. Their current deal is offering a 72% discount on its longest plan. This is the cheapest plan we have seen NordVPN offer ever since 2017. With this deal, you get access to multiple streaming services anywhere. It is verified zero-logging and also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, it only costs $3.29 per month. So go ahead and check out their website now.


Talking about the most discounted among them, FastestVPN deals on Black Friday are an amazing steal. This Black Friday, FastestVPN is offering you a lifetime deal for just $20 that you will definitely love. It will help you bypass geo-restrictions and browse websites privately and you'll also have a free 2TB storage and password manager without paying extra. Plus, you have a 15-day money-back guarantee. So get this amazing deal now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good Black Friday VPN deal?

As you would expect, the best VPNs have priced their deals accordingly. For example, the NordVPN has a higher price than the other VPN, as it gives you much superior service.

Although if you are willing to settle for a powerful and effective VPN, you can end up saving a lot. Plus, the decision should be based on how long you want to keep using VPN.

For example, FastestVPN is offering amazing value on their deal, $20 for lifetime. And while that requires you to commit to it for the long term, it is unbeatable when it comes to price.

Why do you need a VPN?

An effective VPN can help you by maintaining your anonymity online. It reroutes your activity away from your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) servers and takes it through the VPN’s own private, encrypted servers. This goes to ensure that your ISP doesn’t track your online activities.

Also, each time you connect to a VPN, your IP address changes. This makes it much harder for websites to track and locate you, making it less likely for a detailed portfolio of your online activity to build up. These portfolios are usually used by different platforms in a very clever way. The platforms build an algorithm based on your online activity and show you advertisements of products that you would be interested in. This can be both a curse and a blessing.

In addition, VPNs are used to unblock some of the most popular streaming sites, show different content to people in different countries. So, by connecting to a VPN server of your choice, you can access all the streaming sites and watch all movies and shows anywhere.

So as you can see, buying Black Friday VPN deals of 2021 can come in handy.

Should I buy a VPN deal now?

Now that we are well into November, you can see a whole bunch of Black Friday deals drop in. If a VPN provider is offering you a great deal right now, you can be sure that it’s the best you can get. The same deals will be available up until the actual Black Friday and won’t be dropping any further.

So, if you are looking for a good VPN deal and a provider has a great offer on their site, we would say to go for it. You won’t be missing out on any last-minute reductions if you purchase a deal right now.

What should your VPN be able to do?

To benefit from the full gamut of VPN features, we highly recommend you to choose from our top providers mentioned above. They will keep you anonymous and unblock streaming services while offering you lightning-fast internet connections. In short, you should be able to access pretty much anything, regardless of your physical location, all the while maintaining your privacy.

However, some VPNs do offer unique features that are popular among some users. Many users want all the above-mentioned features along with something extra. They want VPNs that offer features like Secure Core, which technically routes your connection from ultra-secure servers located in different parts of the world. Furthermore, some VPNs even offer secure cloud storage. So, based on your preference, you can go for a VPN that offers you the maximum amount of features that you are looking for.

Final Words

Traditionally, VPN providers don’t tend to max out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Most providers prefer to offer a huge range of discounted deals year-round so that the users can have access to VPN at low rates.

Now that VPNs are becoming more and more mainstream, many providers are focusing on offering the best service on the best deals. You can pretty much access VPN for as low as a dollar per month, even lower, if you get your hands on a fantastic deal this Black Friday.

We still don’t have the total amount of deals active on our website yet. We predict that this page will be growing by the day as VPN providers continue to ramp up the savings. Many VPN providers will surely come out with more deals to entice privacy-conscious shoppers to sign up and save their money.

We can guarantee you that we will constantly be updating you with the newest, most exciting deals as the days pass, as soon as one drops. You can find them right here on Free VPN Tutorial’s website and learn how to avail and use them. So stay tuned!


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